Why Should You Choose MedicoTherapy? //

The modern-day personal injury claim requires a high level of efficient case management – which can be both a challenging and arduous task. Not with MedicoTherapy.


At MedicoTherapy, our dedicated team of administration and medical professionals not only wish to provide the most effective course of treatment and/or prompt and efficient clinical reporting, but also utilise a clear and effective method of taking new referrals.


Full administration support is provided via telephone, fax and email throughout the lifetime of the case should any queries arise.


If the client requires further attention post-treatment, we are able to reactivate the file and proceed using existing information on the same day to ensure prompt intervention.


We understand that completing lengthy (and often unnecessary) paperwork whilst experiencing heavy call traffic can lead to frustration and delays.


We work hard to keep communication short, relevant and specific.



Our business has evolved not by generic case management, but by providing a professional and personal service that stops at nothing to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are driven by two key principles – effective customer care and outstanding service.


Our objective is to achieve both criteria with each and every referral, and this is proving to be a successful approach in securing repeat business with many respected firms in the industry.


We are very proud of the strong working relationships established with our customers, and we sincerely hope we get the opportunity to extend this to many more firms who choose MedicoTherapy.”


Deborah May, Business Development Manager, MedicoTherapy


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