Our Mission //

To offer a flexible, high quality and efficient service as a specialised provider of a range of rehabilitation services and reports. To continue to maintain a standard of excellence within our field which has been established in our over 16 years experience.


Our People //

Our experienced, professional and highly motivated team provides both individuals and those parties involved with helping individuals needing the services of the personal injury sector with a high quality service and attention to detail that is second to none.


We seek to improve our staff's expertise through offering not only regular Internal Training Courses as part of our continual aspiration to enhance our customer service but through supporting attendance of external courses for both corporate and personal development.

Our Expertise //

MedicoTherapy as a company has a long established reputation of excellence as a provider of rehabilitation treatments and services, as well as diagnostic and medical reports.


To help guarantee this level of service all our medical staff are required to be HCPC registered. Registration ensures that all our medical professionals meet a high standard of training and professional skills and behaviour.


This philosophy of excellence extends to the MedicoTherapy's technology. All aspects of this undergo regular testing including having external experts challenge information security arrangements protecting client's data, continually confirming the quality of the systems.

Our Technology //

MedicoTherapy is underpinned by a bespoke client management and triage system which is specifically designed to fulfil client's needs, to make their journey through the rehabilitation field as smooth and stress free as possible.


This system is continually innovating under an expert and experienced in house IT department to meet customers' emerging requirements and keep MedicoTherapy at the forefront of an ever changing market.

Our Community//

MedicoTherapy believe that companies have a wider responsibility to their local community and so are involved in a number of locally based activities that aspire to benefit the larger community. We have provided sponsorship for a number of local charitable fundraising efforts, including both individual and corporate enterprises, and provide funding to encourage those staff who seek sponsorship for their own chosen charities.


In addition to this MedicoTherapy has nominated Backcare UK as our Charity of the Year.

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